Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thansgiving!

This is our new awesome fun toy. Well its not really new, its used and we've had it sitting around since before Al was born but we just pulled it out. Since we don't have any good doorways to hang it from, R rigged it up with cables to the banister and made it pretty secure. He loves bouncing in it! That's why we can only get a crappy quality picture - he never stops moving! He sits there and jumps and jumps saying "ess...ess...ess...ess" (yes) his newest word.

And yay! We got our shipment in from Cotton Babies. Here's Alan showing off all his spoils. Check out the new colors of the BG's. And he got a pair of BabyLegs (to which his father said "uh.. you got him leg warmers???" and a new wet bag which is nice but too small and some flannel wipes that we're going to give a try to.
Oh yes, and Thansgiving was good fun. We went to Grandma and Grandpa's house and hung out and ate lots and lots. We had an amazing delicious chocolate cake for desert too.
Happy Thanksgiving. Hope it was fun for all.

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mom2twinboys said...

looks pretty happy in the jumper thing. and the new colors are great