Monday, November 17, 2008

Not Me! Monday.

OK.. here is my first try at this. These are all the things that I did NOT/ do NOT do.

1. I did not give two other moms dirty looks at the hospital this morning for arriving at the lab 15 seconds before us, thereby securing a significant place ahead of us in line for Transplant Clinic today and getting to be outta there sooner on such a busy day.

2.I do not find myself out and about, starting to make a phone call and feeling a wet, slimy goo against my ear because my son likes to use the phone as a chew toy.

3. I do not bribe said child to eat something.. anything by mouth by giving him smashed oreos and ice cream in lieu of fruit/ veggie purees.

4. I do not play this: in one window over and over while screwing around online on the other.

5. I do not force my 1 year old to stand in as a pretend patient to practice all of my CNA skills on.
6. I did not spend the entire weekend using disposable just because I was too lazy to move the cloth diapes from the washer to the dryer.

Click on the link to the left to check out the original Not Me! at My Charming Kids.


Kimber said...

Great "not me's". So glad you played along.

I also did NOT practice on my son when I was getting my respiratory therapy degree. Matter of fact I did NOT take him to school once to let everyone practice on him. He loved it.

mom2twinboys said...

great stuff. Kids are for practicing everytihng on arent they?