Monday, November 24, 2008

Not Me! Monday

Its Monday again! Time for another batch of Not Me! Click on the link to the left to see where Not Me! got started.

Lets see here.. well since he is currently passed out in my lap, I have to say that I did NOT neglect to encourage naptime in the crib as outlined in my new daily schedule, and instead, every day this week allow my charming little toddler instead to fall asleep in my arms at the computer. That would not be a responsible way to encourage independent sleeping. Also, it would be a good way to excuse myself from doing any housework because, well, The baby's asleep. But good thing I didn't do that.

I did NOT spend a whole bunch of money on CottonBabies just because, well, its free shipping - you're practically losing money if you don't. And we desperately NEED the new cute colors of BG instead of the boring pastels we have now.

I did NOT set up a Christmas tree a week before Thanksgiving.

I also did NOT join RememberTheMilk because I don't need another site to spend time on and another excuse to make lists.
I also did NOT give my little boy a cold by snuggling too much. :(

I also did NOT as a means of acquainting myself with a better understanding of Middle Earth culture, eat a second breakfast today consisting of 2 Cinnamon rolls, because that of course would be silly.


shan said...

Hi! I followed your link from My Charming Kids because it said, well, Colorado and I live there too! I wanted to tell you hi, and that your little man is adorable:) Did you doctor at Childrens? We've spent a lot of time there in the last year.

mom2twinboys said...

haha from what I've learned from everyone at CoMoms you can always use new cds and especially when they are so cute. I only wish I would have learned all I know about them now like 3 years ago. And keep on cuddling that cutie before he gets to big and doesnt want to cuddle anymore.