Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Frosting, Notecards, Etc.

Well today I managed to keep the computer off for a good part of the day. A way to not be tempted. I got several loads of laundry cleaned and put away and cleaned both bathrooms which was a major accomplishment for me - the non domestic.

Then this afternoon I made notecards for all my CNA skills - such skills as helping with bedpan, blood pressure, cath care, transferring client from bed to wheel chair, etc. I think I'm pretty much there in terms of memorizing the procedure for each of the skills. I wanna make sure its second nature to me when I go to take the exam. Mmm.. and I've been eating some frosting this afternoon from our fridge.. Yum.

Alan's done a little eating. The doc suggested not worrying so much about timing when he's hungry and just give him something every time we sit down to eat a meal. He had some yogurt last night and then this morning some banana oatmeal with real milk!

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