Friday, November 14, 2008

First Snow

Playing in the Snow
Yay. Super exciting. We were a little worried it wasn't going to happen. Very unusual around here to have no snows in September or October. R went in to the shop to work this morning so A and I thought an adventure walk in the snow was in order. So after a cup of coffee for mama and a feed and meds for A while watching some WonderPets we bundled up and went out into the winter wonderland.
Not a huge snow by any means but its A's first snow to see since he's been a big kid. We wandered around and checked out the playground. When Alan's a little bigger we're excited to get to go on the swings. Not much to do with everything covered in snow.

So, as you can see - not a big snow by any means. Not even enough to cover the tennis court but a pleasant little surprise to wake up to. Here comes winter!

Oh and one more bonus. While it may not be Monday yet, this can't wait.. I need to share a Not Me a few days early. ..

I most certainly......


.. did NOT...

feed a toddler as one of his first foods....

an Oreo!

Nope.. NOT me. (And NO, R and I didn't go through almost an entire pack in under 24 hours)

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