Sunday, November 16, 2008

Happy Sunday Evening

Sorry I haven't posted this weekend, but that's because I was working on a super awesome new blog!!! going back in time and explaining Mr. Al's story and his medical drama and his cute baby pictures.. and the scary hospital ones as well. I decided if I'm ever going to get this stuff all written out I better do it now while I still motivated and sorta remember.
Not too much to tell.. that took up much of my weekend which made me realize how deficient I am at html.. grrrr R and I went to see the new Bond movie last night. It was okay.. not nearly as good as the last one though.

I take my CNA test on Wednesday. I'm so nervous - I keep going over and over my notecards. I'll be bringing them along to the clinic visit tomorrow to drill it into my head better and I'm going to make R get his blood pressure taken a bunch of times. Once I get that taken care of, I can get things set up with my new job.. and start working again soon.
Although this unemployment has been refreshing - really need to start making some money.

Lovely - I will be back tomorrow for my first attempt at an official NOT ME Monday.

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