Thursday, November 13, 2008

Overslept our alarm.. oh no!

We had a rude awakening this morning. Mondays and Thursdays are hospital mornings and we usually are up by 6:00 and out the door between 6:30-6:40 to arrive by 7:30 for labs. Well last night we were up late because I had a minor case of insomnia, up reading recipes from Mckmama's blog and Rob was experiencing super insomnia trying to decide whether to get a new riffle for hunting before new Prez O reinstates an assult riffle ban.

Well, I don't know what happened to the alarm clock but I opened my eyes to the clock reading 6:40. I dragged the guys out of bed, we dosed out the feeds and the meds and threw Alan in the car in his PJ's. Somehow traffic was great. We made it to the lab at 7:40, back into the clinic at 8:15 ish and were out of there before 9:30 which is a record for us. Alan didn't even get to finish watching Little Einsteins.

We made a stop on the way home to get take out Blue Sky food. My breakfast burrito was delicious. Then Alan and I took a nap on the couch watching the history channel which has made me groggy ever since!

Here's some random cute photos just for the heck of it.

Here's our scholarly boy last night learning his animal words:

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