Saturday, November 22, 2008

Happy Saturday..

Sorry - no new pictures today. Waiting on the new memory card. But how about an old one?
I just don't like to go too many non-photo posts in a row or I'll end up getting boring. This is from a photo shoot over the summer by our friend, an excellent photographer who did such a great job of capturing cuteness.. tubes and all.
By the way, you should check out this blog: It chronicles the hectic and fun filled life of four beautiful children, BigMac, MckNugget, Small Fry and MckMuffin and their lovely MckMama.
Al went swimming today in grandma/ grandpa's hot tub once we cooled it off a little. He practically fell asleep in there. He's overall doing well. I'm surprised actually that the cold he seems to have caught from us hasn't dampened his mood. I'm kinda wondering if the Valcyte that he's taking (its an antiviral med that he's taking right now because his heart donor was CMV positive) might be counteracting the cold which is why its not hitting him as hard as it did mom and dad. Just a snotty nose and sneezes. His poor teeth are causing him some trouble. He's working on #4 and #5 right now on the bottom and is drooling up a storm. Apparently one of the side effects of Neoral, in addition to the excess hair growth is thickened gums which might be making growing teeth all the more painful.

I've also decided to get more organized. I've started sketching up a daily schedule to try to stick to as far as feedings and nap and setting aside a little more structured time for playing so we can work on some of his motor skills. Also, I know I'm a big dork and he can't even read but I made flash cards of the 8 words we decided are important to try to teach him:








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