Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I'm officially a blog failure..

And I swear I'm trying to fix that and pick it back up. Things have been just slightly crazy lately. Just a quick summary update - Alan had

a mini-rejection ish episode about a month ago. He was treated with IV steroids and bounced right out of it. Off oxygen and off a whole bunch of his meds at this point.

Then - a few weeks ago, I finally was laid off. The death of the real estate industry caught up to me. Not too bad on timing because I just finished my training to be a CNA. I take my test to be certified in the state next Wednesday. I'm pretty nervous because I actually have a job lined up - which is contingent upon me passing and getting my license.

Mr. Al just had his first real Halloween and decided to go as Superman. No outings for us. We just stayed home and waited for the trick or treaters that didn't show up. Zero. Seriously - we live in a condo complex full of children - how hard would it be to hit up your neighbors for candy. Well 5 bags of candy got left to us to take care of which is never a good thing.

Not too much else exciting to report. I was really hoping that my time of unemployment would bring about a flurry of domestic activity on my part. No such luck. Still just as much of a slacker without working. We're lucky to keep the little guy fed and medicated and maybe a couple loads of laundry done a day.

Latest project is trying to get this guy interested in food. We just saw his GI doc today and we've decided to give dairy a try. maybe he'll be a bit more interested with some yummier options to taste. Might have strawberry yogurt for snack in just a little bit and see how that goes over. Here's a shot of him one tube-less evening before we replaced one of the NG's he'd yanked. And here's my cute little executive office assistant sorting out the sticky notes.

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