Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Your Dreams

Take me to where you dream
Little one
Take me to where you go when I lie next to you
And watch your eyes close and your mouth form
An involuntary half smile

To this place
Where native hearts beat strong
Babies stay warm at mother’s breast
Grow up quick to run and play
Each full of joy
No clouds, no fear

Is this the place where your angel friends
Run free
Beyond the bonds of broken bodies
Held back no more?

And children of famine and war
See that there is more
Than destruction loss and emptiness

In this place, it is always day
Children find their reward
For the innocence
That never went away
Winds are gentle
Playgrounds sprout from tree and grass

Or are your dreams
In a place just as dark as ours?
Is fantasy broken by
Sadistic thought, fear, evil, death
Do the monsters chase you even there?

And is there even a place of peace?
Does it exist?
Even beyond that final and deepest sleep?

Could it be
The only reprieve for all of us
Will only be rest?

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