Friday, February 6, 2009

Moving Around

Hi and happy Friday from us!

Well Alan's still been sick but he's really got the hang of moving around the living room. Its not a crawl, its a roll with a pushing up on the tummy to pivot kind of thing but he's figuring out how to wreak havoc on everything.

Here's his technique when he sees what he wants:

Got it!
Other than that just lots of rolling around the floor finding stuff to get into and enjoying the new found freedom of mobility.
The bowl.. that is our attempted at "desensitizing" to feeding utensils. Doesn't seem to do much good though. He's smart. He likes the bowl.. just not having anything in it. But its fun to chew on.

And to play peekaboo.


pam said...

So good to see him reaching and pulling himself about.

Have a great weekend.

The Simmons Family said...

I just read up on Al's first year and then went to the family blog! Looks like you've been through quite the adventure! It also sounds like I'm reading our own novel.. the surgeries and now transplant. It's nice to find someone from Denver because we were actually considering Denver as our secondary transplant center. Owen has such highly sensitized antibodies (not sure if Al had that issue?) but it limits his donor pool. So... insurance will pay for it.. I'm going to have him listed in two different regions. Denver, Seattle and Houston are our secondary options ..I actually started a post on that today. If you have any opinions about Denver i'd love to hear them!! :)

I'm adding Al to my blogroll so I can keep up with him. He is adorable and reminds me of Mr. Owen.