Monday, February 9, 2009

Its CHD Awareness Week!!!

Commemorating all the brave children and adults battling Congenital Heart Defects and their families. Please take a second to check out the CHD Awareness blog to learn more. This week they will be featuring a different story every day that you can read to learn how heart disease affects children every day.

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The Simmons Family said...

Thanks for all your comments of support... really amazing!!

I have been really curious about plasmaphersis (however it's spelled)... apparently you have to be a larger child (owen is too small) for them to administer it now. BUT.. if he doens't get a heart or NEED to be bumped to 1A status for a while... there is a chance that it could be an option. I just don't know how small is too small!?

I love the post of Al moving around the living room! Owen is just getting used to the idea of movement. He likes to sit or lie down. That's it!