Saturday, January 24, 2009

The Kangaroo Joey

It seriously rocks our world. So at the beginning of the year we had an insurance switch and had to switch home care companies for feeding supplies. We were a little nervous because we were switching to a company we have not been so pleased with another type of supply they provide us. Well that was until the day the pump arrived:

OMG.. look how small. An all digital display. A pleasant quiet pumping sound. Adjustable volume to the alarms.
Auto Prime function which means no more quick dumping formula in the bag and clamping it right before it gets to the end of the tube. No more reservoir that gets overfilled and makes it not work. And no more annoying error message every time our busy body boy decides it's fun to knock the pump over by pulling on the tubing.

Awww... just looking at our new one next to the old crappy one. Can't wait to give that one back.

Yep.. this will do.

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