Friday, March 20, 2009

he's having a good night

Pictures will have to follow when I get home to my camera cable. The procedure went well yesterday afternoon. It took about an hour. Right after surgery he was having a little breathing difficulty that resolved itself once he got some morphine.
He came up to the CPCU last night. It was a pretty good night, he just woke up hurting once. This morning Alan woke up bright and early to his 730 am cyclosporin lab draw. It turns out that his cyclosporin level was super high so we'll have to do some dose adjusting to get it back down.
And he was really puffy. Probably OD-ed a bit on the fluids. He got a dose of Lasix this afternoon and managed to pee most of it out. He's been weaned from 2 L to 1/2 L and can hopefully wean the rest of the way off the O's tonight now that he's dried up. Started using the G-tube today with some pedialyte and now he's up to 20 mL/ hr of formula, so halfway to his goal feed of 40 which he'll hit at 3am if all goes well.
Alan was pretty irritable today but its definitely improved. He got a sponge bath and put on some cute pj's and has been getting some Tylenol/ codine. I think we're getting close to the smile coming back. He's been up to his usual trouble watching movies and throwing things off the bed like binky and socks and toys.
Better knock on something but we're hoping to get out of here tomorrow morning. Its been a little weird being a patient on the unit where I work but its been good having everyone that knows him and loves him take care of him. We went to a G-tube care class - pretty straightforward stuff. This really looks like its gonna be so much easier. I wish we'd gotten it done sooner!

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pam said...

Prayers answered! I am so happy to hear everything is going so well:)