Thursday, March 26, 2009

Finally hospital pix

Last thursday afternoon, Alan went to the hospital to get his G-tube! His surgery time was 3:15pm so he had a long morning to hang out and get ready. He stayed NPO all day which meant one last Pediasure ng feed at 6 am.

Last bath. Alan decided to take one last good soak before going in for surgery. Afterwards needs to wait at least a week to submerge the surgery site.

Then we went to the hospital to get ready and wait for his turn. Alan wore his awesome "I Heart organ transplant" T-shirt.

Tried on the hospital gown and practiced the crawling.He was a wild crazy trouble maker and figured out how to throw his binky and slippers and toys off the crib onto a ledge of the bed.The he went back to the OR. Mom and Dad got to go along. Alan laid down and got masked up and went to sleep. It took about an hour total. The procedure involves laproscopically pulling the stomach to the edge of the belly and putting the button in. He did well. Right after he had a little respiratory trouble but it got better with some morphine. His tummy was probably just hurting to much to get good breaths in. Mom and Dad got to see Alan in the PACU. He was still very sleepy.

Then, Alan got to go to the CPCU. Yay, room 921. It was awesome. He got to see a bunch of old friends and get taken care of by mommy's coworkers who did an awesome job.

He spent two nights. His tummy was still very ouchie at first but he got medicine to help. The next day he started feeding on pedialyte then moved up to his new formula Nutren Jr. He started on slow continuous then worked his way up and finally tried some bolus feeds that he kept down great. Saturday night Alan finally went home. His site has leaked a little which hurts but we clean it and put Maalox around the button to protect his skin. The G-tube is awesome. Its very easy to use and its great to get the NG out of the way.

Then.. mommy got super sick, which is why I've been a slacker getting these photos uploaded. I had a sinus and ear infection and probably some kind of underlying virus. It started Sunday and I'm just now getting over it.

But Mr. Alan's doing super. He's even getting back to some rolling and trying to crawl.


Crysm said...

I'm so glad you are feeling better. This winter has been awful with sickness.

And I'm so glad Alan's surgery went well. That kid of yours is way too cute!!

shan said...

How wonderful to see him recovering so well! And so smiley! He is just adorable, and I'm so glad you finally got the tube! It makes life a ton easier doesn't it?

pam said...

He is looking wonderful. I am so happy for your family!

The Simmons Family said...

I was going to ask you about the GTUBE surgery and here it is! Again.. darn blogroll! I'm so glad the surgery went smoothly.

So, you see a lot of these kiddos at work... what I've been reading is that EVERY SINGLE one of our transplant friends ends up with a GTUBE. Now.. since Owen has been with NG since birth, I'm thinking about switching, since transplant is in his future (please Jesus).

I talked to owen's Gi doc today and we're going to talk to UCLA. Personally, I'd rather have UCLA do the surgery rather than Phoenix (I don't like our general surgeons much). I'm really considering it!

Thanks for the great post! LOVED the Stellan blocks.. my heart is heavy for MckMama and PC.

common mom said...

Yay! Glad your little dude is doing well and you're starting to feel better as well.

He's adorable . . . and really - who WOULDN'T eat a cheetoh - even the fake kind - yummy!!!