Monday, May 18, 2009

First big hike of the summer

Last week on Thursday we decided it was much too nice of a day not to go out and play. No mom or dad work to do so we went for a hike.

We went on the Apex trail that starts at the heritage square parking lot and goes up to lookout mountain. We made it almost all the way to lookout mountain road and then looped back down the mountain through the "enchanted forest". It ended up being a little more than 5 miles total and I realized that I was very out of shape. That hike completely drained me. Especially since I was carrying the Alan on my back most of the time.

He had fun at first. He got so hot hiking that he actually ingested fluid by mouth!! He got thirsty enough that he took some water from a nalgene.
But toward the end on the walk back to the parking lot he got very tired (as did the rest of us). And he got a little sore spot from the bottom of his incision rubbing against the inside of the pack. But hopefully more (and perhaps shorter) hikes to be had the rest of the summer.

We went back to Heritage square yesterday for the annual Cardiac Kids picnic. We didn't stay too long but Alan got to meet a few kids and hang out with his nurse and ISS buddies: Kate, Elizabeth, Gianna, Beth Rose, Judy and Rhonda.


pam said...

Looked like a great day for the hike!

Anonymous said...

That pic is beautiful!

pam said...

Be sure to drop by my blog and enter to win a beautiful pendant. Hope to see you there!!

Mimi said...

CUUUUTE! Baby! It's fun to meet other transplant babies!!