Saturday, August 23, 2008


Yesterday was my birthday.. yay. That means its almost Alan's birthday too. It was cool. I got a REI purse thing that I'd wanted and homemade BBQ Bacon Spinach pizza and a giant chocolate cake and this interesting concoction made from Grand Mariner and Vanilla Coke.. Yikes! And watched more Olympics and Battlestar Galactica.
Here's my birthday present. I love it!

Oh and the biggest news.. Alan's working on another tooth! Its been bugging him and as of last night, his second one had just popped through. They are so cute. Still kinda crooked.

He's finally getting a little more rambuncious about wigglying around trying to get into trouble. Here's his new favorite toy. His wipe box.

Well, happy Saturday.


Crystal said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!! I'm so excited that you have a blog. I think about you and Alan every day. I'm so glad I have a way to keep in touch with you now.

Aka Noah's Mommy

Anonymous said...


Momma 2 Twins said...

Happy Birthday!!

LOVE the purse!!

The Walkers said...

Happy Birthday Jenna!!!

Nyksta said...

I hope you had a great birthday! Love the bag/purse..... love, Nyk (Nyksta x)

Anonymous said...

cute pic i made a new blog you have to delete the "fresh start" one